Thermal Brake can reduce the thermal transmission and save energy. Kingtom offers 2 types of thermal enhancement(Thermal Fill & Debridging and Thermal Strut) to meet the most demanding requirements of customers.

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Thermal Fill & Debridging

  1. Design & Extrusion: One aluminum profile will be designed and extruded with a strategically placed channel to mechanically lock and encapsulate the polymers.
  2. Pour: The two-comonent polyurethane polymers are dispensed into the extruded thermal barrier channel where they react to become a structural insulating polymer.
  3. Debridge:   the metal bridge from the bottom of the channel will be removed which will produce a true, non-metal-to-metal structural thermal barrier.

Thermal Strut

Kingtom can offer different common Thermal Struts to meet different requirement of customers.