Kingtom Aluminio can provide Anodizing Coating products with the highest quality and color: Clear and Dark Bronze Clear color products. Anodizing is one process for finishing aluminum alloys that use electrolytic oxidation of the aluminum surface to produce a protective oxide coating when requires:

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->Maintain an aluminum profile with a surface appearance over time

->Improve resistance to atmospheric corrosion

->Create surfaces with different textures, colors and shine levels

Classification of Anodizing Coatings:

Class I : anodizing coating is a high-performance finish used for exterior building structures and other products that must withstand continuous outdoor exposure such as curtain walls, store fronts, and commercial windows.  Minimum coating thickness of 0.7 mil (18 microns).

Class II: anodizing coatings are recommended for interior applications or light exterior applications receiving regularly scheduled cleaning and maintenance such as storefronts and entrance ways. Class II anodize is not as durable or wear resistant as a Class I finish. Minimum coating thickness of 0.4 mil (10 microns).